Graphite and collectd

So …  Recently and due to a need from the company I work for, I had to search for a tool that could gather all the metrics from several systems. Mainly the focus is about centralization.

Initially I had the idea of sar, but most of us know, sar is single system only, meaning that I would have to run sar in multiple systems and then grab the output files from each system and treat the data to plot the graph.
Since we are converging into a centralized form I notice one tool that is being used by the development team to gather metrics from their applications, the tool is Graphite. This tool is indeed pretty good, it allow us to have a central system to look at the data. It allows us to have a centralized point and also merge graphs.

In our particular case, we ended up but having Graphite and an extra tool for metrics gathering .
What is collectd? It is our core so to speak, collectd is responsible for the collection of the metrics where the agent is running. This agent has an enormous amount of plugins that allow you do gather statistics on almost everything. Check here for the list of plugins . Also, you can have relays agents in case you actually need then or

Collect has the ability to forward all the data to graphite. At the present time, the plugin is write_graphite, so whatever you configure, all your metrics will be sent to graphite and you can easily look at them in a graphical format.


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