The new generation of Unix System Administrators …

I am currently a System Administrator and I’ve been working in it for 12 years now. During the time that I started working, all the systems administrators shared a common characteristic, we were all curious about system administration. There could be already a way of performing a task but we would look for ways to improve this.

Now, here comes the “funny” part … nowadays, Unix System Administrator are simply lazy1 with lack of commitment and no ambitions.
Sometime I wonder if they are in IT due to this way of thinking: “IT is well paid”. I wouldn’t be surprise that this is the case for a few of people as it has already happened in a not so far away past.

Some example are as follows:
“Tell me where I can download “, “How can I add a username?”, “Tell me how to update the this system!”, “Where can I find the log files?” and very similar things to these.

Honestly, most of the times I would like to be able to just write RTFM … this is something that it doesn matter in which area of IT you are in, you NEED to read the manual of the command or of the operating system that you work with.

Long time ago, when I was still studying, one of my teachers said this “A system administrator is just as a medical doctor, it has to be always up to date with the current situation and are advancements!”


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