OpenSolaris Aggretation and Vlan tagging

Hello everyone,

This post comes from a question made by a friend of mine regarding the difference between aggregation and multiples ip’s in the same interface.

Well ā€¦ putting it into simple point the definition can be put like this:

aggregation = association of several physical interfaces into a single one.
multiple ip’s= having the same physical interface with the several ip’s, we can do it with virtual interfaces or with vlan tagging.

Of course they can be used at same time, I’ll just provide some info how to do it in opensolaris:

dladm create-aggr -d -d -d
ex: # dladm create-aggr -d e1000g1 -d e1000g2 -d e1000g3 1
# dladm show-aggr
key: 1 (0x0001) policy: L4 address: 0:14:4f:45:50:6f (auto)
device address speed duplex link state
e1000g1 0:14:4f:45:50:6f 0 Mbps half unknown standby
e1000g2 0:14:4f:45:50:70 0 Mbps half unknown standby
e1000g3 0:14:4f:45:50:71 0 Mbps half unknown standby

# ifconfig aggr1 plumb
# ifconfig aggr1: flags=1000842 mtu 1500 index 3

inet netmask 0

Multiple ip’s (virtual interfaces)
basic way through ifconfig for temporary multiple’s ip:
ifconfig aggrX:Y plumb / up
# ifconfig aggr1:5 plumb up

for across reboots, edit your hostname. and add the line addif for each virtual interface
vi /etc/hostname.aggr1
myserver addif netmask broacast up

Multiples ip’s (vlan tagging)
The rule here is quite simple. For each vlan we just need to to the folling math:
So if you have a vlan id 500 with a interface with index 3 then we would have something like 1000*5000+3= 500003
ifconfig e1000g500003 plumb the same for the aggregate.
Ifconfig aggr500001 plumb

Hope this help anyone out there.
Anyway any more information you can check at the products manuals, eveything is in there. šŸ™‚


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